We train all our team members either in our training school for the theoretical concept, or via continuing education so as to evolve and validate practices in their workplace. This continuous training process includes regular assessment of expertise and behaviour.

DOSIM Healthcare’s comprehensive training covers every aspect of the business:

– From mastering techniques through to knowledge of different environments
– From risk prevention to compliance with client protocols

Designed to be long-term, training combines:

– An individual induction programme, to ensure staff are operational as soon as they arrive
– A system of regular assessments, for a guaranteed quality of service
– A continuous training plan, for constant adaptation of skills

Training is one of our main priorities and is delivered in DOSIM Healthcare centres by a dedicated team, and in the field by a team of in-house trainers.

DOSIM Healthcare advantages:

  • A training school with 4 centres
  • A network of dedicated trainers
  • A theoretical approach with practice  in the field