Risk prevention

Guaranteeing optimal working conditions means above all ensuring employee safety.
As your business partner, DOSIM Healthcare has a dual responsibility towards your employees and their own.


Areas of interest include:

  • The health and safety management of the staff responsible for global management of our activities
  • Raising employee awareness of work-related hazards on starting employment
  • Systematic assessment of the potential hazards of each environment
  • Training with safety equipment
  • Establishing regular controls to ensure safety regulations are respected

DOSIM is certified OHSAS 18001. This global repository for occupational health and safety management systems creates a safe and healthy environment for systematically identifying and managing hazards (in particular contamination, cuts, injections and accidental exposure to blood (AEB) hazards) and to reduce the number of accidents.

DOSIM Healthcare advantages:

  • OHSAS 18001 certification
  • Safety is a key focus of our company policy
  • Regular information campaigns targeting our employees